Jacky Laffitte



Signes de main

 Année 2016 80x100cm

I draw my inspiration from the world of today, in which I put certain scenes of the world of yesterday, even 20000 years ago.



Année 2016 80x100cm

Liberté d’information Année 2015 80x100 Corisande et le vert galant Année 1994 54x65 cm

Thus by the means of our ancestors Homo sapiens or by characters as Don Quichotte I deal with, through my works, the great modern problems, by revisiting them, often with humour, with the help of the past.

In order to take distance, in my paintings, scenes are painted on a vertical axis, which promotes the journey of the spectator in space or in time, guided by useful shadows.


 An-20000 :golf

Année 2016 80x100cm

Liberté de parole Année 2016 80x100cmBonsoir tristesse   2000    60X73


Main leste Année 2016 80x100cm