by Antonio MALMO.
Art critic
International Expert of Modern Art.

I must say that I am particularly happy to be able to write down some words about  the personality and the excellent quality of the French artist Jack LAFFITTE ' s paintings.
We must assume that he has an extreme sensitivity and thanks to an open door on to the world, manages to show on to the canvas many subtle emotions and sensations that the surrounding nature gives him in his daily life.
We must also assume that his painting is the result  of an interesting trip into the present but also reminds of past situations and characters which have triggered the artist' s interest and curiosity.
It seems obvious to me to highlight his ability to find an aspect, a humorous touch in each representation of his imagination and his creative power.
I must also underline that Jack LAFFITTE in each composition tells a story with a valid and interesting intention, a story wish contains a message of general interest.
His paintings are the result of a true power of the imagination in relation with his  analysis and observation of the contemporary society and sometimes he even resumes prehistoric times.

We must admit that his works show themes, aspects, events of our current time, wish have made us think such as the Vietnam war. But he often creates with a variety of colours representations that show an impossible line with the past such asin the works dedicated to Don Quichotte who is comically transported in the real life between nuclear power stations and T.V antennas which makes us laugh .
One true feature of his painting is his reproduction of shades which enables the spectator to enlarge the theme, the subjectand the contents it has.
I must underline that the artist is a deep observer of the reality of man's thoughts and manners and in its work he reminds us of imaginative scenes on prehistoric civilisations in wich he puts us.
We must assume that Jack LAFFITTE displays a touch of nostalgia and melancholy because today's society is unbalanced and violent.
This violence cancels man's character because he is attracted by a political career or by buying things we can perceive bitter thoughts about the vacuum or the stupidity of our lives, cancelled by indifference or boredom.
The quick time flee suggests works linked to the sadness of life, leaving marks on our faces.
But the artist is also the spokesman of love and happiness and he imagines and colours bewitched castles, princes and princesses, loves plats forbidden by the court some of his works are dedicated to real characters like Corisande d' Andouins (Henri IV' s mistress)

His world develops shapes, spaces and colours spotted with mysterious silences.

Jack LAFFITTE. has an energetic vitality, creative powers that he earnestly transfers on the canvas.
Serenity, humour, powerful colours, happiness of being alive, all that express his bewilderment confronted to the wonderful show of Nature.
He creates mysterious and fascinating with an extraordinary talent. His paintings have a certain touch full of sensations, wish leads us through his intricate definition and identification of meanings.

The various themes, wish are characteristic of Jack LAFFITTE give us a discreet access on to his soul : in his works we find all that is essential to him.
I would like to quote all his works but it's impossible so here are just a few titles :   

 Adam et Eve chassés du paradis, Buffet dinatoire en l' an -20000, Chemin de Compostelle, Déjeuner sur la pierre, Viet-Nam : paysage agreste, Bonjour tristesse, Vol au-dessus d’un nid de flamenco, Corisande et le vert galant, Machine à sous, Sérénité, Don Quichotte et les éoliennes marines, Don Quichotte et la T.V, Don Quichotte et les centrales nucléaires. They are the most valid testimony of his human qualities such as simplicity, kindness and humility.
It is interesting to notice that his painting has a certain light, some patterns or subjects, spaces drawn with a clever and sharp wit.

I must underline that his style is very personal, with unique and exceptional signs, codes and symbols.

We must admit that the artist is always sincere and spontaneous in his paintings and that is why I could not be denied when I claim that with the good will of the critique he will be approved because his painting is rich in lights and colours and draws a bridge between the past and the present and contains valid message for the whole mankind.

Caivano (Italy)  06/03/2007                                             Sincerely


                                                                                    Antonio MALMO